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Hey guys,

This is Michelle reporting to you from Comic Con 2006 in my hometown, San Diego, CA. I will be shooting all weekend for the DivX Community Site [update: Now on Stage6.com] with Publisher’s Weekly blogger extraordinaire, Heidi McDonald. Also hosting is Victor Van Scoit, of Lunar Comics fame.


I followed our great hosts around the Con interviewing artists like Bob Burden (Gumby), Scott Benefiel, Andy Lee, Tommy Lee Edwards, Trevor Goring, James Kocmalka and Kyle Baker to name a few . I also ran around with Mattzog recording some of his hijinks. Expect a video of him screwing around with the Ugly Dolls later today or tomorrow.


Only some are uploaded so far. Of those, I shot the videos of Heidi McDonald’s intro as well as her interviewing Geoff Darrow and the people at VIZ Media. I also shot the videos of Victor Van Scoit interviewing aspiring DC Comics artists showing off their artwork, and a group of cooky Anime fans. I also edited the video of the DC submission and am retiring from shooting early today so I can help out with more of the editing (we got a team of hardworking individuals back at HQ).

Also, here is Heidi’s blog. This is the page where the back of my head makes a guest star appearance.

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Michelle Kenobi Osorio » Blog Archive » My pic (blue haired cam girl) in Rifftrax Comic-Con blog. said, August 14th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

[…] Compare my brilliant blue hair to the pic I reposted from last year’s Comic-Con. […]

Michelle Kenobi Osorio » Blog Archive » My blue hair visible in Rifftrax Comic-Con blog. said, August 14th, 2007 at 10:15 pm

[…] Compare my brilliant blue hair pictured above to the pic I reposted in a blog at last year’s Comic-Con. […]

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