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Archived from my old Xanga blog:

Summer school has kept me quite busy. I have a pretty confident feeling I am going to get an A in both my Interpersonal Communication, and Recording Techniques classes. It was a bit overwhelming only because each course was only 5 weeks long. I learned so much from both subjects. I really enjoyed them…

The first session of Summer School is over, but I still am going to take English second session, so no Summer Vacation for me . I am trying to get in a Dance or Phys. Ed class too for fun, but it’s sort of hard. I am trying to fit it into my schedule without taking any time away from my Fridays ONLY because there is ONE Friday on which I MUST go to San Diego Comic Con!!!! I may just take Modern Dance, and miss that Friday morning class on July 20th. It’s worth it, hehe.

More later. Too busy lately

OOOH! another thing. I am so into Ebay now! I bought a Super 8mm camera a few days ago! Finally, I can start working with film! I also bought some Star Wars memorabilia and shirts, yay! If you use it, I am registered as Michelle_Kenobi! Anyway, deeper posts on the way once I can get a break

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